Chicago Marathon Madness!!!

Chicago Marathon Madness!

Well, it is that time of the year, and so many of the McKinney running club members are preparing for half and full marathons, many for their first one. Not everyone wants to, and certainly no one needs to run a marathon or even a half marathon. But sometimes it seems like it is just an irresistible goal for any runner.  And, like eating a Lays potato chip, many can’t stop at just one!

The most remarkable thing about finishing that first marathon, is that you realize you can do absolutely anything that you decide you want to do.  It is an amazing confidence and self image builder.

On October 12 the MRC members listed below will be running in the Chicago Marathon.  To support, encourage, and send them off we will be having a breakfast at Delaney’s at 8:30, October 4 after the Saturday morning run.

We will do something similar to recognize those members running in the Michelob ultra half marathon and in the Dallas PCS marathon.

Not to ignore those who are running in other half or full marathons, please let us know if you are planning to run a half or a full marathon between now and March 2015.  Also, if you are running Chicago and are not listed below, let me know so your name can be added.

Brian Brown

Matt Jeanes

Diane Perdue

Tim Leeth

Denise Broyles

Mavy Seagroves

Kirsten Ladera

Lee Ann McCormick

Salome Martinez

Rene Hall

Carey Almazan

Nancy Belt

Brittany Westdyke

Eric Fortner


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